Technology for your Success

Install Solar Fields Quickly and Accurately


Piledriver grade from Carlson allows you to install the pilings in the most accurate and automated manner.  

Automate your Piledrivers


Carlson Machine Control uses application - centric software created just for the solar farm industry combined with state of the art, integrated GNSS all in one sensor (MC Pro Vx6) and a rugged, Windows 7 based Control Box console).

Installs in under 3 hours!

This keeps machine downtime to a minimum.

Now used by the two biggest Landfill operators in the U.S.


Designed for Landfill Compactors, Dozers, Graders and Scrapers

Track compaction in real time with color mapping. 

Share data real-time between two machines with Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) for maximum productivity

Reduce airspace, maximize compaction reaching optimum density in less time

Analyze productivity and report from anywhere

Lower your Carbon Footprint with Carlson Landfill Grade


Eliminate overfill

Follow engineered design map

Install avoidance zones for safety

Increase Production

---Descal-A-Matic --- non-chemical, environmentally green water treatment


 The Descal-A-Matic magnetic, non-chemical, environmentally green water treatment units prevent and/or eliminate hard water scale & corrosion problems in water handling systems. They are applicable to once-through systems as well as to re-circulating systems, including boilers, chillers, cooling towers, fountains, water features, supply lines and more. 

Extend Large Diesel Fuel Economy 9 to 15% For No Upfront Costs



Influence on Hydrocarbon Molecules insures a cleaner burning diesel combustion leading to higher fuel efficiency. 

We do not sell you our product, we give it to you. 

You pay us only a percentage of your savings!