Lasers & Software

Total Blasting Solutions -- Integrated - Lasers / Software / GPS Machine Control


Accurate Drilling = Better Blasting
Better Blasting = Better Fragmentation
Better Fragmentation = Improved Bottom Line

  • Project & record hole depth
  • Record & measure multiple drill parameters
  • Set-up for angle drilling
  • Ability for unlimited tagging of strata & to extract strata information
  • Real-time location of all working machines displayed
  • Limits need for over and under drilling
  • Reduces blasting costs
  • Lowers survey costs

No need for a surveyor

  • Operators can navigate & position from within the cab without a surveyor

Easy to use interface

  • _Design can be done from the office or in the field with easy-to-use interface

Near Real-time system feedback

  • Remote wireless monitoring provides near real-time system feedback for operators and office personnel


  • Enables all-weather operation, day or night


  • Increases overall safety of operations

Boretrak - higher efficiencies, detect deviations, increase safety


Single Person Use

Boretrak is used globally for:

  • cast blasting
  • exploration and foundation drilling
  • quarry blasting
  • piling
  • engineering works
  • dam pinning

Quarryman PRO - the laser / scanning and measurement system of choice.


Mines and quarries across the world have selected Carlson’s Quarryman Pro laser-scanning and measurement system: one-man operation with minimal trainingsafe, long-range or short-range reflectorless surveying for blast planning, stockpile measurement and whole site mapping. 

Designed to offer mine and quarry managers the following benefits:

  • Improved safety: Plan safer blasts based on accurate data to protect workers and the local environment, and keep you legally compliant.
  • Increased profitability: Blast planning using Quarryman Pro helps cut the cost of transport hire and fuel, explosives and secondary breakage.
  • Improved productivity: Calculate stockpile volume quickly to produce fast and accurate material stock valuations.

Cavity Auto Scanning Laser System (C-ALS)

C-ALS grants access to concealed cavities
C-ALS cavity monitoring system can be used in a wide range

 C-ALS grants access to concealed cavities

C-ALS cavity monitoring system can be used in a wide range of applications, where an inaccessible void exists and accurate data is required to monitor excavations, assess risk or design solutions.

Once deployed, C-ALS gives more detailed, accurate data than alternative technologies, such as ground-penetrating radar, and is the only borehole-deployable laser solution on the market.

  • Plan new projects: Assess risk, design solutions based on accurate underground data, add C-ALS data to your existing maps and devise new programmes of work.
  • Transform productivity: With accurate maps of voids, you can design plans, which allow for efficient mining or constructio projects.
  • Improve safety: Map inaccessible underground areas to ensure operations keep employees safe.

VOID Scanner


Access the inaccessible with Void Scanner real-time 3D laser surveying

A specialised, ruggedised instrument, Void Scanner uses time-of-flight laser measurement to map the shape, position and spatial location of voids, which helps ensure both the safety of personnel, and the protection of stock and underground sites.
Void Scanner data is used to ensure more efficient and profitable mineral extraction. With accurate, up-to-the minute site maps, you can better monitor progress, improve planning, reduce wastage, maximise extraction and speed up project timescales.

  • Enhance project capability
    Now with multi-station project capability, Void Scanner software enables you to scan from multiple locations and view the resulting scans together in real time for a complete 3D representation of the site.
  • Minimise safety risks
    Flexible deployment options and wireless communication to the PC offered by the optional Wi-Fi box, mean operators can retreat to a position of safety and still view results during scanning.
  • Improve site management
    Use Void Scanner data to better monitor and control ore loss and dilution by comparing the scanned stope with the design data. Scans also provide a record of daily productivity to support decision making.

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