Mining Machine Control

Machine Control for your entire mine.


Our Mining Machine Systems integrate for total control throughout the mine site, engineering, survey and management.

GPS Based


Once you have Carlson Machine Control on just a few machines your workers, engineers and management will demand the entire fleet is Carlson Machine Control!

Drill Grade


Plan a drill pattern for blasting on the machine or in the office and send to the machine; all is easy and fast with Drill Grade.  Shows drill rates, drilled hole analysis fo correct blast pattern and safety.

Excavator and Shovel Grade


No more guess work, follows the mine plan and automatically updates.  

Predict job completion rates by analysis of data developed everyday. 

Dozer Grade Machine Control


Increase worker productivity while reducing fatigue.  Mine engineering maps sent directly to the machine, dozer updates map as it moves.

Command and Control from Anywhere


For large sites or small, Carlson Command lets you see where and what your equipment is doing.

Create reports, play back of events, check and control productivity. 

Monitor for Safety.