Robots that add safety while reducing workload

Ghost Mining Robots

Mining Robot Legged Sensors Safety

Designed for the military the cutting edge legged Ghost robot can carry any sensor to any location in your mine safely.  

The legged Ghost can go where other robot cannot! 

Designed for the Military, perfect for Mining

Military Robot

The military said they need a robot that can go anywhere and can carry a variety of sensor in all environments.  Ghost Robotics answered the call with the Vision 60 robot.  

Shephard Technical Partners with Ghost Robotics


 Shephard Technical has partnered with Ghost Robotics to bring this cutting edge robot to carry multiple sensors and lasers that can go where you do not want your personnel.  

Void Lasers, Borehole Lasers, Air Sensors, Visual remote sensing we can provide the solutions you need.

Security that does not need a break


Use the Ghost Robot to check security in any area

Innovation leaders are Industry leaders


Innovation with robotics in all mining aspects will differentiate the most profitable mines of the future.

With Ghost Robotics and Shephard Technical the future is here.

Legged Robots vs Tracked and Wheeled Robots


Does having legs make a difference?  Look at the comparisons.